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Harvest Spf Textile(Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Harvest SPF Textile CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and trader of socks and functional knitwear, we introduced advanced computer controlled hosiery knitting machines and design equipment.

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Customer Ever Said

We have worked with Harvest for 6-7 years. From the first sample development, to the one-year multi-million-dollar order. Harvest helps our business grow rapidly with professional products, high-quality services, and quick responses. In addition, they can always provide us with solutions in terms of products and positioning, and they can also give -- Bryan Hoffman

Harvest is a trusted seller. Provided me with good service. Will give us suggestions based on my needs for the product. Even if there is something I don't understand, Harves can answer patiently. Can bring me a lot of new fabrics, even functional fabrics that are not common in the market they can provide. -- David Johnson